A Predictive Analytics Solution for Inventory Optimization

Making data intelligence and business insights simple for you.

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Unlock your Data for Optimal Inventory Management

Improve demand forecasting by analyzing sales and current triggers

Determine optimal inventory level to satisfy non-linear demand

Minimize stock level and save on warehousing

Reduce inventory turnover time

Balance supply-demand cycle

Current Challenges in Inventory Management

Inventory management can be aided by predictions and understanding ever changing market conditions.

Flashana unlocks your data to provide demand-driven inventory management
enriched by predictive analytics and machine learning.

What is the optimum level of inventory for my business?

Flashana helps you identify your winning SKUs amongst changing buying behaviour due to factors such as seasonality and extreme external factors like COVID-19.

How do I adjust prices when the supply chain is impacted by a change in buying behaviour?

Flashana helps you plan adjusted prices for times of seasonality and promotional events, as well as plan to move your loss leaders.

How much would I pay for a business analytics solution?

We take away the need for setting up your own data analytics platform. Our single turnkey solution ingests your sales and distribution data with a single click.

Existing inventory optimization solutions can be too expensive or too industrial with a steep learning curve for today’s rapidly evolving inventory management needs.

What’s the solution?

Businesses realize that predictive analytics is the solution to inventory optimization.

Determine risk tolerance, service and investment

We use an analysis model based on past inventory and sales data.

Comprehensive decision making to help increase sell-through

Get visual dashboards with cues to supply correction.

Increase efficiency and redesign supply chain to balance risk

Make informed decisions with a knowledgeable industry outlook.

Improve management for revenue capture

A supervised Machine Learning model that factors in external triggers to enable recommendations and suggestions on demand.

Simple subscription model

Our easy to understand and implement subscription based offerings will fit your needs.

Integrated approach

We align intelligence in technologies, processes, and applications to provide everything you need to run an intelligent Inventory Optimized Business.

Flashana helps Business and Enterprises to overcome business challenges by combining the above advantages into a single predictive analytics solution.


Start Getting the Predictive Analytics You Need

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